How the Auction Works

All online property auctions are conducted using online bidding only, and we want you to be comfortable bidding on auction day. We have set-up this page to make the process easy to register, bid, and win the property you are interested in.

If you have any additional questions you can also call our customer service desk at 1-800-LASTBID to be forwarded to the correct representative.

Participating in Online Property Auctions:


How do I Register?

If you have registered with any of the auction sites hosted on, please use the username and password for that account to login to, a new account is not required.   If you have never registered with any other auction site on, frollow steps below to register. 

  • Click the logo at the top of the auction webpage, Or click here.
  • Click the “REGISTER” tab on the top of the webpage
    Enter your information in the registration form and click “CONTINUE TO STEP 2”
  • Enter your information in the registration form and click “CONTINUE TO STEP 3”
  • Enter your credit card information. Your credit card information will be used to verify your identity. purchases will not be charged to your credit card.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy by clicking on the underlined words. Click on the boxes in front of the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to indicate your agreement with them.
  • Your registration is complete!
  • Click on LOGIN, enter the username and password you created during registration.
  • Go back to the home page to bid on one of the many online property auctions!

Watch our step by step video to help guide you through the registration process to bid on one of our online property auctions: 


Prior to bidding on one of our online property auctions you should be sure to review the terms of the auction, updated announcements, buy/sell agreement, and all other related documents. You can view these by clicking on the link available for each property. If you have questions on anything, please contact customer service or the listed contact person prior to bidding. Your bid is not retractable so be sure you are comfortable with the transaction prior to entering it.

  • Bidding is simple and can be done in a few different ways:
    -If you are unable to be by a computer on auction day:
          -Anytime prior to the auction you can enter on our system an unrevealed proxy bid which will be opened by the computer on the day of the auction. The computer will automatically bid for you as if you were sitting at your computer up to whatever maximum bid you enter. Use the same steps as bidding on auction day to do this.
  • Bidding on auction day follow these steps:
    -Go to
    -Scroll down to find the property you wish to bid on.
    -On the left side of that property click “ENTER AUCTION“.
    -Click “Item Details & Bidding” next to the property you are interested in.
    -Read this screen closely since it has the current bid, minimum bid required, and bidding increments listed here.
    -Enter Your Bid amount.
          –You may enter the maximum you want to pay for the property and let the computer bid for you, or…
          –You may enter the next minimum bid amount and watch the progress of the auction yourself.
          –You may increase your bid at any point during the auction.
    -Click “Review Bid“. You can then confirm your bid.
    -Enter your username and password unless you have already logged in. If you are the Highest Bidder, your username will show as the high bid on the information page for the property you have bid on.
    -You will have to keep your eye on the auction; since it is very possible you may be outbid before the auction is complete.
    -You will receive an email notification each time you are out-bid, unless you opted not to during the registration process.
  • Don’t have a computer? We can provide alternatives but need a couple of days to make the arrangements. Contact customer service for more information.

You Won The Auction! Now What?!

Within 24 hours of the completion of the online property auction you will be contacted by a representative to receive further information on how you would like to complete the appropriate documents and proceed with the property purchase.

Questions you will be asked…

  • What name do you want on the deed?
  • How will you be paying the Earnest Money Deposit?
    -We accept wire transfer or cashier’s checks made payable to   We cannot accept credit cards or any other type of payment for an Earnest Deposit.
  • Where would you like to sign the Buy/Sell Agreement?
    -This can be done in person at our office in Byron Center, MI.
    -Or, we can email or fax the paperwork and have you return via overnight mail.
  • Are you using a mortgage company?
    -If you need to use a mortgage company to complete your purchase, we will need to know the contact information.
  • We will contact the seller for confirmation of the sale of property and forward the Buy/Sell Agreement to them to execute it.
  • The executed Buy/Sell Agreement will then be forwarded to the title company to prepare for the closing on the property.
    -You will be contacted to schedule the closing with the title company within 30 days of the auction.

If you would like a printable PDF version of this page CLICK HERE