Thinking Of Selling?

Have A Real Estate Auction!

At we offer personal attention when selling your property from beginning to end during a real estate auction. In addition, we have developed an unequaled marketing program with a proven formula for success when it comes to the promotion of your real estate.

Our firm consists of experienced auctioneers as well as licensed real estate brokers and real estate agents throughout Michigan who will bring excitement and action to your real estate auction. Our marketing works 24/7 to present your property to an audience of millions of people on a monthly basis. Check out some of the properties we are currently selling here. Contact us to learn how to best sell your property in an online real estate auction!

Advantages of Real Estate Auctions

*Multiple buyers to the table.
*A preset sale date and closing date.
*Predetermined terms and conditions.
*Unparalleled market exposure.
*Preset inspection dates.
*Quick disposal reduces long term carrying costs.
*An atmosphere of high energy and enthusiasm

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