Our Signature Series involve luxury home auctions and mansion auctions.  As recognized leaders in the real estate auction industry, we at LASTBIDrealestate.com are continually looking for ways to provide the best service to both Buyers and Sellers. Our goal is to maximize value for our Sellers and part of that requires Buyers who are confident in the property they are bidding on. In an effort to remove some of the risk to Buyers on higher dollar homes, we have developed a program which we believe provides extensive peace of mind. With our Signature Series Properties, Buyers receive many assurances and inspections which are not normally provided in a typical real estate auction. Benefits to the Buyer include:

• Home Inspection report with guaranteed Termite Inspection
• Third party Home Warranty policy (assurance that potential major repair issues are covered)
• Eagle style title insurance when available
• Buyer Assurance Value guarantee – guarantee that the property will not appraise for less than your bid price (see the link on our website for more info)
• Sidewalk inspections if required
• Well/septic inspections if required
• Surveys if required
• Extensive video tours of the property

The best way to locate the listings you’re seeking is to use our convenient search function, which can be found easily right at the top of the auction page. All you have to do is enter the description of the type of home or locale you’re seeking and you’ll get a list of all the items matching that description. You can use our versatile search tool to query by property type, number of bedrooms, area, city, zip code or any other attribute you may be looking for specifically.

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