Land for Sale!

Tuesday, October 18th we are selling 6 properties within Newaygo and Harrietta, Michigan via a one day online auction at Within this properties you will find acres of  vacant land across a beautiful landscape.

fe159b5e9eacaa3e2f6ba60aabbc8c70 10 Acres of Vacant Land in Harrietta, MI

7127329f58c633945ffdf7ee2f9456cc 40 Recreational Acres in Newaygo, MI

316ee51e4c4dbf69a42e7dd2a12e8df6 Two Pole Barns in 17.77 Acres in Harrietta, MI

226b916e7b4f361e1c3b9bcdfc295a8f 40 Acres of Vacant Land in Newaygo, MI

75f204f183a9e24a2ef16358416368e6 Approx 80 Acres of Wooded Land in Newaygo, MI

5ed5ea4aed6745060e8615824b5fb49f 119 Acres of Vacant Land in Harrietta, MI