Restaurant Available near Central Michigan University

online auction

Do you own a restaurant and you’re looking to expand? Or maybe you’re looking to open a restaurant?

We have a former restaurant building located near Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan that will be selling through a one day online auction on Tuesday, June 11.

This property features a single story, 5,800 sq. ft. restaurant with an extensive paved parking area situated a 1/2 block off BUS-127. 

Located in a retail and office corridor that includes nearby Qdoba, Walgreens, PNC Bank, and proximity to the university, this property offers a right-sized building, large lot with generous paved parking, a good balance of traffic exposure and setback, and walk-able, ready access to residential neighborhoods.  Pair the desirable setting on the border of residential neighborhoods with the property’s  C-D 5 – Urban Center District zoning for higher density mixed-use. 

  Formerly was used as a retail store and a Ponderosa Steakhouse.

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